Inspiration Required

You can’t be legendary if you have no energy…and it all starts with inspiration…Protect your inspiration.

Robin Sharma

Many dissident thinkers are also highly sensitive, empaths who are affected deeply by the energy of those around them. It can be something communicated via their subconscious. They aren’t even aware that it is happening. They enter a room, a building and suddenly they are inundated with emotional data from everyone around them or at least those who are emitting the most energy. Processing that energy, even in the background, can be exhausting and will deplete the energy of your dissident thinker.

Energy is precious. The dissident thinker must guard their energy even more than the typically wired. Even the slightest brush with negativity can potentially have a profound impact. Tension, confusion, chaos, and fighting can debilitate the highly sensitive dissident thinker.

Even more dangerous to them is a lack of inspiration. While they tend to be intrinsically motivated, it is based on the amount of inspiration taken in. Similar to a fire, the more logs the brighter and stronger the fire. When supplied regularly with logs, the fire can burn for long lengths of time. Dissident thinkers are fueled by inspiration whether or not they realize it.

As the combustion engine requires fuel, so the dissident thinker requires inspiration.

What inspires the dissident thinker varies widely depending on the individual. The things that discourage or block inspiration tend to be a bit more universal. Among those things are: too long without play, or wonder or interruption of the status quo. They are very hard workers when motivated. However, even the hardest worker will need some kind of reward upon completion. At times, completion can serve as it’s own reward.

Nearly everything they do requires inspiration. And last week’s motivation may not work for today. For optimal performance, peak performance and sustained performance, inspiration is required.

Under the topic of context, which we’ll discuss in greater detail in future conversations, the dissident thinker must have an inspiration rich environment. If it lacks inspiration they can create an inspiration corner, closet, space…something. Pull out all the stops and make it happen.

As mentioned before, when the input threshold of inspiration is reached, and the period of processing is complete, the output will be phenomenal.

When properly inspired your dissident thinker can do literally anything.

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